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Hello... I am a true fan of MJ. I indulged in writing a fanfic about MJ on the official site before it went up into smoke as a healing processes dating back to 2009. After finiding my stories on a backup drive 5 years later,it ignited me to want to relieve stress by writing again.

I had a trilogy under the name "Stapling Moments- TII Era" then after my story kept being deleted at it's original place, I closed it and Did SM2- The Saga Continues ( and yes, it was a lot of saga). Then I began with SM3 which was the last installment unfinished and because I can't find the other parts, i've decided to do a full overview perhaps, and continue into the present.

My story writing maybe a little shaky, because I haven't written in years.

Gender: female
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Cindette and Michael reach a breaking point with her career. In the last story (SM4)Mike has come to find out through Prince (the artist formerly known as) that his wife is in trouble. Cindy's financial accounts were hacked and funds were taken from top officials that are investors in her family's enterprise. Mike has now offered to help his wife bail out, but he will set conditions on an agreement. Michael is also pushing for more children from his wife who's in her early thirties as he is becoming older in his late fifties now. They already have Harvard, Princeton and a newbie named Stafford. Cindette being an entertainer is still finding it hard to carry over that lifestyle with her marriage to MJ. Michael admires his wife's ambition to become a great and put on legendary status, but he knows how the industry is and after years of him fighting with her about taking a break to catering to their family and his new career as a film director, Michael is done playing the passive nice guy. Throughout their 7 years together, he's been deemed as controlling, possessive and overtly jealous. Cindy's Aunt Jessie tried sabotaging her and MJ's marriage to protect the family's assets, but it seems that with this new curve ball thrown, the ball will now lay in Michael's field and his wife has to play by his rules. Come along for more adventure, drama and x-rated escapades between these two hot headed, stubborn, but loveable characters.

Categories: This Is It: 2006-2009, Adult, Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Michael, Original Girl
General Warnings: Erotica, Mild Violence, Nudity, Some Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Some Scenes of an Explicit Sexual Nature, Strong Language
Trigger Warnings: Alcohol Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Emotional Abuse
Series: None
Chapters: 64 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 239893 Read Count: 10768
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SM4 (Stapling Moments IV) is the continuation of Cindette Claiborne and Michael Jackson confusing love affair that sparked secrets, infidelity, anger and trust issues. The original seriess Stapling Moments chronolized a friendship that lead into an undeniable hot romance. SM4 begins with the long awaited wedding that never happened in SM3- TII Era "The Trilogy". However, because I the author can't fully recover all the parts to this series, SM4 will brief you on events that happened throughout the series, noting actual moments as SM4 goes indebt to drama made for reality TV as its predecessors. Please note that events are Fiction, Michael Jackson's character is portrayed outside of the KOP persona. If you cannot stand the thought of MJ beig a hot blooded male with imperfections, this story will be offensive to you. He curses, fights for his woman, very sexually active and full of secrets. 

Categories: This Is It: 2006-2009, Adult, Drama, Romance, Suspense
Characters: Michael, Original Girl
General Warnings: Erotica, Mild Violence, Some Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Some Scenes of an Explicit Sexual Nature, Strong Language
Trigger Warnings: Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse
Series: None
Chapters: 152 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 353275 Read Count: 31115
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